"Not Another Teen Movie" Todd?


"American Pie" has a lot to answer for. It spawned so many copycat teen smut comedies, and seems they just keep getting worse and worse. Now, a scooper for Dark Horizons reports on another in the works, from "Road Trip" and "Old School" helmer Todd Phillips.

"I was recently in a focus group about a new Dreamworks Comedy from the people who did Road Trip and Old School. They were looking for titles about a new movie that sounds like a cross between National Lampoon’s European Vacation and Road Trip. It’s about a guy who has been having an ongoing e-mail pen pal friendship with Mikie in Germany. Mikie sends him a romantic letter via e-mail and he flips out about it and sends Mikie a nasty e-mail. But then he finds out Mikie isn’t a guy, but a hot girl. So he takes his friends to Europe to help him find the girl of his dreams who has has never actually met. They played up that it would be a hard R and would show the 20-somethings going through all types of sexy and gross adventures. I think it sounds too much like things I’ve seen before, but I thought that someone might be interested".

"American Pie" is starting to look like "Ben-Hur", ain’t it folks.