"Pan" in more trouble down under


More drama from the set of the $167 million Hollywood remake of Peter Pan, now in production up on the Gold Coast at Movie World. Australian director PJ Hogan had to cut short filming last week and rush to hospital when his teenage son was suffering suspected appendicitis, reports The Herald Sun. While in Sydney, Stuart is the word as a surprise visitor crashes the city.

"PJ had to leave the set half an hour before it was due to wrap because his son had fallen ill and was taken to hospital," a production spokeswoman said.

"PJ’s son was not kept in overnight as expected, and PJ was back on set bright and early the next day. No time was lost."

You may notice a certain sensitivity regarding the time Hogan was away from the set. That’s because Peter Pan has been dogged by rumours shooting was eight weeks’ behind schedule, delaying other projects booked into the studios.

Not true. "Filming started in October and is due to be completed in May, and it’s still right on track," the spokeswoman promised. "A story keeps going around that it’s running late, but it’s a huge production and was always going to take a long time."

Meantime, Sydney was treated to a special surprise visit by Hollywood’s littlest superstar when Stuart Little made an exclusive stop in the harbour city to launch his latest smash-hit movie, "Stuart Little 2" on video and DVD.
Keen to take in as much of our beautiful city as he could during his whirlwind promotional visit, Stuart bravely climbed the South-East pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge enjoying the spectacular view and happily posing for photographs.
"The cool DVD is loaded with excellent special features", said the mouse. Sounds like someones on the payroll.
going to get an ounce more of Cheese this week for that little plug.