Furlong Crowing about comeback film


Ah, what a wicked world we live in where one-time ‘stars to watch’ like Eddie Furlong go from big fare like T2 to The Crow 4. But honestly, Furlong’s had such a dud streak lately, painting wings on the kid and having him brood around macabre style could be a good move for him. MTV talked to the troubled star about the film who confessed "it’s going to be dope". Or maybe that was…anyone got some dope?

"I think its going to be the best one," he said at last week’s "Spun" premiere where he arrived sporting a tight-fitting vintage Led Zeppelin T-shirt and a cast on his left arm. "I have this cast right now, but I’m working out," he said, emphasizing his enthusiasm about getting in shape for the role by showing off his right bicep.

"It’s so dumb. I tripped in the kitchen," he explained. "I was going to get something to drink out of the fridge." Future household accidents notwithstanding, Furlong said he’ll start shooting "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" in a couple of months

This latest version reportedly centers on a new Crow who returns after being murdered by a group of bikers. "The story is, like, people taking peyote," Furlong said. "It’s crazy."

Though he made a name for himself in films like "Terminator 2" and the weighty drama "American History X," Furlong said the appeal of doing "Wicked Prayer" is pretty simple. "I come in. I kill the bad guys. I’m the Crow. … It’s going to be dope!"