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Joel Schumacher is "Cruel and Unusual"

My god, has Joel Schumacher redeemed himself or what. His newie, "Phone Booth" is so good you almost forget those "Batman" atrocities ever took place. Almost. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s in talks to helm Columbia Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of best-selling author Patricia Cornwell’s 1991 novel "Cruel & Unusual", featuring medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta. The book is one of 11 in a series about Cornwell’s Scarpetta character that the studio optioned nearly two years ago. "Cruel" is the fourth book. Adapted by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), the project sees Scarpetta solve a case in which the fingerprints of an executed killer turn up at the scene of a new murder. Sounds like it could be another good move for Schumacher – as long as he doesn’t re-write the lead character so Colin Farrell can play it.

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