Duchovny joins Drag Movie


Whatever happened to "X Files" David Duchovny? Well, the good news is he’s got a new flick. The bad news is, it’s about dressing in drag. Duchovny, who himself dressed in drag for his role in "Twin Peaks", will join Toni Collette and Nia Vardalos for "Connie and Carla", says The Hollywood Reporter. The female buddy comedy is about two working-class dinner-theater singers (Vardalos and Collette) who are forced to go undercover in Los Angeles as drag queens. Duchovny plays Jeff, who, while searching for his drag-queen brother in West Hollywood, falls for Vardalos’ character. Vardalos is also executive producing which will be distributed domestically by Universal Pictures. Ok, looks like were safe from seeing Duchovny in a dress.