No "Tough Love" lost here


"Tough Love" starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, get your tickets now!, seats will run out, it’s the box offic…ok, no one really gives two damns about seeing this flick do they? And now, according to a report on IMDB, even the director Martin Brest is disgusted by the resulting picture.

Producer Joe Roth and director Marty Brest nearly came to blows following a recent screening of the film in Los Angeles, the New York Post reported today (Wednesday). According to the newspaper’s "Page Six" column, which cited industry tipsters, an earlier test screening had produced such poor audience response that Roth had ordered Brest to reshoot the ending. However, the new, more traditional ending also drew a poor response, and after the screening was over, Brest reportedly yelled at Roth, "See, we did it your way, we did your Hollywood ending, and people hated it!" To which Roth reportedly responded, "[Expletive] you!" The Post said that when Afflect and Lopez heard the shouting between the pair, Affleck "went outside and broke them up." A spokeswoman for Revolution Studios told the newspaper: "There was a creative disagreement among the many people involved with the film. … The disagreement was not over scenes that were reshot, but over suggested cuts for the final feature. … Everyone has come up with a cut that both parties are happy with." She denied that Affleck broke up a fight or that expletives were uttered.