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Big Re-writes in store for "Batman 5"

It mightn’t even get off the ground, yet rumours are buzzing left, right and centre about the next "Batman" flick, which Chris Nolan has been hired to Direct, and David Goyer, to write. Now, Batman-On-Film is reporting that "Batman : The Frightening" might be the script used, but it’s going to be re-written. "[That script] was clearly a sequel to the previous four Bat-films and it has been indicated to me that Nolan plans to restart the series and go with a new continuity. So I guess you can safely assume that The Scarecrow will be the villian in the next Bat-film". Personally I thought that script had its moments and some nice concepts but still needs a LOT of work – especially in the character development and dialogue elements, hopefully Goyer can fix it up if its true. For now though be cautious, like "Superman" there’s so much bullsh*t floating around its best not to take anything seriously.

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