Bruce and Arnold on "Die Hard 4"


One minute he says its on, One minute he says its off. Only Bruce Willis really knows what’s going on with "Die Hard 4", but according to Willis and producer Arnold Rifkin, while talking to, it’s still a possibility. "We want to do it, and we are in active pursuit. We have probably met with 30 writers, and the biggest questions that you ask yourself – because one day if we do do it we’ll be sitting here with you, and you’re going to say why did you this movie? So, the reality is, who is he? It’s eight years later. What is he doing, what happened when he was rebellious, he was never within the system, and you can’t have him in the right place at the wrong time again."

"Do you bring Sam back? Do bring Sam’s son back and somehow Sam gets killed and whatever, and because of their relationship Bruce adopts? What would make sense to any of you that you would be willing to accept that he’s now doing this again? Because he ain’t leaping from buildings, we’ve done planes, we’ve done buildings. What is it you do? And you don’t want to do terrorists, because then we’re going to sit here and you’re going to say, ‘Wasn’t that irresponsible of you to put terrorists back in the White House?’ Or do you want to put terrorists in Yankee Stadium, where the biggest event is? And that’s unfortunately what people, writers come up with. So we will do it if the right story comes."