Hall talks "Scary Movie 3"


Regina Hall told Fangoria a little about what her character is up to in "Scary Movie 3". "It’s still Brenda," Hall laughs in response to a question about how much her character might have changed movie to movie. "She’s a teacher now. Yes, the youth are in the hands of Brenda. It really is a nightmare – she’s teaching the children."

"It will be really interesting," she admits. "I like sci-fi thrillers. If the movie’s done well, there’s so much to like. There have been sci-fi’s that have been great. I had to get a body cast and I saw all the body casts that they had done for Sigourney Weaver for ALIENS and she had three done. They’re painful to get because they cover you in this alginate and then they put plaster on it and it hardens and gets heavy. It’s kind of scary because they cover your eyes completely, your mouth completely and your ears completely up to here [points to about shoulder blade level] and it’s kind of really awful. I found that [Sigourney] had two or three and they were down to her knees and they had all these aliens, too. It’s amazing to see how much work they put into the really scary sci-fi kind of movies."

On new director David Zucker, Hall says : "[Though I’ve] never worked with him, I know he’s probably got a completely different method of working," Hall says. "I mean, he’s obviously great at what he does. He’s done some wonderful parodies with AIRPLANE! and NAKED GUN. It’ll be interesting. I look forward to see what he’s going to do. I don’t want to say it’s worrisome, but you always wonder when there’s a new person at the helm of something that was created by another person. You hope that what they bring to it will make it just as funny, just as great. I’m just going to go and take his direction."