Davis bonging down on "Leprechaun 6"


Warwick Davis – the wee little lad, best known as "Willow" and "Wicket the Ewok" – is back doing one of those never-say-die "Leprechaun" flicks. He talked to Celluloid Shockers about it, explaining one of the films most Oscar worthy scenes : Lep gets to smoke weed.

"Yeah there is a sixth movie. I was as surprised as anyone really when they phoned and said they were doing another one. They always leave it that long enough for you to think it’s finished and then back it comes. I’m back in the hood, the LEPRECHAUN in this movie is much more physical. In number five he had a lot of kinetic powers and could throw people across the room without touching them. He’s now very hands on and very strong, he can lift up a man and throw him… that kind of stuff", says Davis.

"A lot of humour again, the LEPRECHAUN at one point gets very much into smoking weed so there’s some very funny stuff as a result of his intoxication. What else can I say? It’s a good movie, very gritty, very street, there aren’t any major cameos this time around, we have a cameo from the Ruff Ryders, who are a motorcycling culture really, they’ve got their own rap label and everything. They came down and were in the movie, because they wanted to be, and that was fun… it’s going to be good. It’s not finished yet because I haven’t done my ADI (audio recording) for it, so that will be done sometime in the next month or so. Also, another bit of "exclusive news" for you, they’re planning to do a box set of all six movies and I’ve been asked to do audio commentaries for all six with Gabe Bartalos who did the make-up, myself and him are the only two people who have worked on all six movies, so we have this unique insight into all of the films. We’re going to sit in a studio sometime in the next month or so and lay out commentaries for the whole lot."

And a 7th?

"Well there’s already rumours flying around and scripts flying around. So many companies now want to make LEPRECHAUN movies…. I’d do another one. If I thought the script was cool and also there are so many directions we could go with the character. I read a very very good script late last year but for now it’s on hold, obviously to see if LEPRECHAUN 6 is received well and has some success, then possibly that will become the next one. I think there’s lots more we could do with him. He is very popular because there’s something likeable about him and it’s apparent with all horror characters although they’re evil and terrible people, at the same time the audience has to like something about them as well. With Freddy you do like him even though he does all these awful things, and the same with the LEPRECHAUN, he’s likeable so we shall see."

And next?

"I’m doing a movie called ‘Unchain My Heart’ which is about Ray Charles. I’m also developing a film called ‘Agent 1-Half’, of course starring me, it’s a comedy about a government agency that consists entirely of short people doing undercover spy, James Bond, type work. The basis is that these are the guys behind James Bond but are the ones you never see, leaving people like Bond to take all the credit despite the fact that we do all the work. It’s going very well in development at the moment, a lot of interest from big studios and fingers crossed it will become a movie event for next year. Also, you folks at Celluloidshockers.com will like this one, I appeared in a movie made by Gabe Bartalos called ‘Skinned Deep’. It’s low budget, Gabe financed it entirely independently, he’s now finished the movie and is looking for distribution, it is fantastic. I play a character called ‘Plates’, who is obsessed with porcelain and kills people by throwing plates AT them. I live with characters such as ‘Granny’ who is the most endearing old lady with a darker side, the ‘Surgeon General’ who is a slasher character and ‘Brain’ and we all live in a house together and get up to all sorts of nonsense"

Thanks to Bloody Disgsuting