Sean Connery, among others, for "Conan 3"?


The third "Conan the Barbarian" movie is finally moving forward, according to a report on The Arnold Fans website. Director John Milius, in addition to confirming the news, also said he’d like Sean Connery to co-star in the movie, playing Alba Metallus Fortunas, Conan’s commander and tyrannical Emperor. Triple H has now been offered the role of Felexio, Kon’s biggest adversary, and also wrestler Chyna is said to be top choice to play the female warrior Carnifexia, who in the script, this brunette Amazon killer is as powerful as a man and shows as much pity as a pre-menstruating Terminator. An online petition started at the above site to get the film made, has played more than a part in seeing this film come to fruition.