Livvy on the "Grease 3" script


Once again Olivia Newton-John is talking "Grease 3". TV Week didn’t get anything new out of Livvy, except the fact it’s going to take a year to develop. "Grease 3 is a possibility", says Newton-John. "It’s going to take a year to develop, and it really depends on how the script is, but John (Travolta) and I will be interested, if it’s the right thing". Newton-John said it will be a different movie thats for sure. "It will be different now. We’re all in such different times in our lives – we’re not the kids, we’re the parents of the kids! I don’t really know how the story will work yet, but it has to be very special because that movie was very special". Newton-John thinks the fans are happy with the Grease 3 news. "I think they love it! Everyone’s got their own dreams of what happened to Sandy and Danny". Watch this space folks.