"Scary Movie 4" will spoof Superhero movies


Geez they must be confident about "Scary Movie 3", because a fourth chapter has already been greenlit. According to Variety, "Scary Movie 4" will go into production in June, set for a first-quarter 2004 release. It will reteam the third film’s director David Zucker with scribes Craig Mazin and Pat Proft and producer Bob Weiss. Following in the satirical footsteps of the franchise, the fourth film will take on upcoming horror flicks as well as the superhero genre. "We are so confidant in the team we have working on "Scary Movie 3" and so pleased with what we have seen that we want to continue the momentum and begin production right away," said Dimension co-chair Bob Weinstein in a statement.
A handful of the third film’s cast will return for the fourth installment, and additional casting is under way.