Cameron, does he ever stop talking?


James Cameron’s again talking future projects. This time he talked to Empire Online about "Alien 5" and Ramses the Damned". Firstly, the bad news – Cameron wants to get involved with the next "Alien" movie, but stresses he won’t be directing it. "We’re definitely looking at another Alien film but that wouldn’t be something I’d be directing," he told us. "I’m just going to be writing and producing that one."

Also on Cameron’s wish-list is a potential film version of Anne Rice’s "Ramses the Damned", which he also will develop, but not direct.

"We’ve been holding off because of the two Mummy films that Universal did. Although they’re very different tonally, they are very much in the same area code in terms of the imagery you’d see."

So what is next then?

"The only thing I can really say about the film, which we’re going to start next January, is that it’s a big budget feature, it’s going to be in 3D, it’s going to have lots of action and stunts and visual effects and all that cool stuff. But that’s it, I can’t say any more."

Thanks to ‘Catherine’