"Resident Evil 2" rounds up the troops


FilmJerk has a nice big fat update on "Resident Evil 2", saying the film is casting now in anticipation for a July shoot. According to the site,"Bruised, bloodied and disoritented is how we left Alice in the final moments of "Resident Evil." Emerging from an Umbrella Corporation research lab into an apocalyptic Raccoon City, Alice surveys the tattered vision before her, where the walking zombies known as the Undead have taken over. As the camera rises to fully show the devastation, Alice picks up a shotgun and prepares to fight evil yet again. Where the first ends, the second installment begins, as "Resident Evil- Apocalypse" readies for production". Also, "New characters that will be joining Jovovich and Mabius include a trio of characters from the "Resident Evil" videogames upon which the films are based. The character of Addison, who was himself infected with the virus that causes humans to develop into zombies, becomes the villain of the sequel." Thanks to ‘Chris’