The Preacher is in the house


Not happy with just playing one comic character [X Men’s Cyclops], James Marsden is soon to suit up as "Preacher", and he told MTV that it might be happening as early as June. Right now it’s in one of those weird Hollywood states where financing is still kind of questionable at this point, but they keep threatening to start [filming] in June, so if they do it, I’m thrilled to be a part of it". Marsden also talked about why he was attracted to the material – "I [like] the maturity of the relationship between Tulip and the Preacher, the mix between the issues that it deals with, that it’s kind of a Western and that he walks around with the image of John Wayne around him. I also like the bravery in Garth Ennis’ writing. He’s not afraid to tackle the hypocrisies of modern religion and things like that. A couple of people have said, ‘Boy, if Garth Ennis had created a religion, I would sure like to be a part of that.’ It just makes sense, the way he tackles things in it. It’s really heavy stuff [and] it’s incredibly well written. It’ll be interesting how much of middle America is gonna migrate towards [those] kind of themes [in a movie]".