"Streetfighter 2" and the Valance Situation


The Sunday Herald Sun talked to a source close to Holly Valance about the whole "Streetfighter 2" situation. A little over a week ago, the buzz-mill went into overdrive with rumours that Valance was set to star in the sequel opposite Jean Claude Van Damme. "Holly has not even met Jean-Claude", a well-placed source told the paper. "The story is out of control. They have never met. She is not in talks with anyone about Streetfighter 2, although she may one day move into films". She’s never been in the one room with Van Damme apparently. "The closest Holly has come to having anything to do with Jean Claude was when her boyfriend, Pete, was working out at a Gym in LA and he was there. Holly was in a recording studio working on her next album and Pete went to the gym. When he was leaving he had trouble starting his hire car". Jean-Claude and friends helped out.