Iron my Shorts, Press my Bra…I'm doing another!


Angelina Jolie and her gigantic tupperware containers are set to short-up for a third time. The former Mrs Billy Bob Thornton told The South End Newspaper that a "Tomb Raider 3" is definitelty a possibility."I would definitely be open to it if the second is well-received and the audience wants one." Jolie also gives the thumbs up to the upcoming sequel. "This movie is more true to the game, it’s more of a puzzle," Jolie said, referring to the basis for the films, the Playstation Tomb Raider video games. "There was a lot of feedback after the first [from fans]" which no doubt allowed the film to take on a new, more realistic course. "The first was more of a fantasy. It was so fantastical to me, and this one is more of a real person living in a real world." Thanks to Coming Soon