Rolf's career comes "Full Circle"


I had the chance to speak to renowned Australian film director, Rolf de Heer [whose new film "Alexandra’s Project" is an absolute ripper] yesterday who revealed plans for a new movie.

He was offered the chance to direct a film adaptation of "Full Circle" quite a while back, he says, but initially turned it down because of a poor script. This past weekend however, he picked up the book again, and wondered if he couldn’t better take the text and put it into screenplay adaptation.

Part autobiography, part travel memoir, "Full Circle" from Chilean writer LuisSepulveda takes us on a "journey without itinerary", meeting extravagant characters and extraordinary situations, from sleepy tropical towns to the landscapes of legendary Patagonia.

de Heer says it’s going to be quite a challenge adapting it into screenplay form, but seems confident there’s much more of a movie here than the one he was handed in screenplay form last year. If De Heer succeeds, "Full Circle" will be on his ‘to do list’, but before then he’s going to do a couple of comedies.