"Crow" pecks Furlong and Gray?


According to the A Boy and his Bird website, Dennis Hopper and Macy Gracy may be set to star in the next "Crow" sequel, starring Edward Furlong.

"We have been told by two different folks that he (Dennis Hopper) will be in the movie. These sources are not within the production, but have received information from very reliable sources. Whether or not Hopper will play the rumored "El Nino" character is not for certain, but it appears his involvement is set. Another previously rumored casting choice, Macy Gray, appears to also be set to happen. Along with these casting decisions, a new name has been brought up, Yuji Okumoto. He has been in mostly B-rated movies and played bit parts in movies such as 2001’s "Pearl Harbor". Not sure what character he is attached to", says the site.

"Along with these casting rumors, we have been told that the first week in June is the set timeframe for the cameras to start rolling. The location, Salt Lake City Utah, first identified by Edward Furlong during an interview a few weeks back, appears to be a lock as the location for shooting the film."

Thanks to Counting Down