Did you catch the new "X-Men"?


Remember the rumours about ‘Gambit’ and ‘Beast’ having cameo’s in "X-Men 2"? Well it’s true, they both do have appearances in the film. And despite the fact that I didn’t catch them, several scoopers for Dark Horizons has.

The site reports, "Recent press screenings have revealed that ‘Gambit’ and ‘Beast’ do cameo in some way in the sequel though not as originally planned or expected. Whilst a ‘Dr. Hank McCoy’ (aka. Beast) does appear visually in a TV interview talkshow segment in a bar scene, the ‘Gambit’ cameo in that scene looks to have been lost – instead keen viewers will see the name ‘Remy LeBeaux’ during a scene where Mystique searches Deathstrike’s database. What is known is that the ‘Gambit’ visual cameo WAS filmed with actor James Bamford in the role – Bamford recently spoke about his work which we will hopefully see on the DVD: "I was given the part as Gambit by the director, basically for my look. I was working on the show as Wolverine’s stunt double for rehearsals, and I was called in to be looked at for Gambit. I was on set the next day shooting the scene. I could not continue to double Wolverine on film because of a rehearsal injury. The scene that I was involved in as Gambit took only one day to shoot. It was a very small part, a cameo. There are no photos that I have from the film to give out, sorry. I did not do any screen test or audition, as I mentioned before, the director just looked at me and picked me. I have no contract for the next film, and I am sure that they will recast the character with a better known actor. If the next one shoots in Vancouver again, there is a good chance that I will work on it though, in some other capacity".