Jackman the new "Hulk"?


According to a report on Superhero Hype, Hugh Jackman has been asked by "X-Men" director Bryan Singer if he would be interested in playing Bill Bixby in a biopic, that the latter may direct.

The site says "Jackman told UK’s This Morning on ITV that "Bryan pointed me in the way of Bill Bixby’s story and I just fell in love with it. It is one of the most moving stories I can imagine. This guy was loved in Hollywood, I mean he worked with Elvis for Christ sakes and did lots of really good work, but after The Hulk was type cast unfortunately… Then his son died in his arms in a Hospital waiting room and his wife committed suicide not long after. And he suffered most dreadfully towards the end of his life. But in there is a tale of courage and strength of the human soul that is so remarkable."

"Could this be his next project? "I don’t think I’ll do it straight away as I am filming Van Helsing and then doing Broadway, but it is a story I love, so I am ready when Bryan is."