Jackman has ideas for "Wolverine" film


Hugh Jackman and Bryan Singer both seem pretty open to a "Wolverine" spin-off film. They chatted to MTV about it. "It all depends on the story," the director explained. "Do I have an idea for a story, and that kind of thing. It would take some conversation, but ultimately any opportunity to work with Hugh Jackman is very appealing to me. He’s awesome. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and a great guy and friend."

Jackman has ideas. "I think there’s a great window from when we met Wolverine, which was 15 years after he was turned into Wolverine. It was 15 years when he was on his own, in fact, without the X-Men. And the comic is rich with the stories and the people he got involved with. And I think that’ll be fascinating. And I think that’s probably six or seven movies we can get out of that." He smiled. "Mind you, I’ll be 75 when we finish it."

The "X-Men" comics are indeed rich with Wolverine tales. One such story involved Magneto, whose powers allow him mastery over all metal objects, ripping the adamantium from Wolverine’s bones. Logan survived the painful process thanks to his healing factor, but he nearly died. It all begs the question — why doesn’t Magneto just pull that obvious maneuver in the films?

"Movie over!" Jackman laughed. "My feeling is that maybe Magneto’s got this little slight feeling that Wolverine may come to his side. He doesn’t want to destroy Wolverine yet. Wolverine never fully commits. He’s not, like, a sworn member of the X-Men. And even if you see him wearing the suit, you wouldn’t be surprised if you woke up in the morning and Wolverine had packed his stuff and gone off. He’s sort of a rogue free agent a little bit. So I think Magneto kind of fancies himself that he could convince Logan every now and then to come to his side. So maybe that’s why he doesn’t do it. Or maybe it’s just because [if he does], that’s the movie and we’re done — well, I’m done."

"I think that in the first movie that Magneto didn’t care about Wolverine as much," Singer pointed out. "And I think that, you know, you never know when you’re gonna need Wolverine in, let’s say, the second movie."

"[They’ve] done lots of stuff in the comic, trust me, that isn’t gonna be done [in the movies], in yellow tights," Jackman said, smiling. Then something occurred to him.

"I think in the comic, Wolverine’s made out with every girl that was ever created, [or] ever drawn. So, uh, maybe they can do that before killing me off."