Donald arrives at "Salems Lot"


Donald Sutherland has arrived in Australia to film scenes for the new "Salem’s Lot" remake. According to The Courier, Sutherland arrived a day early, giving the locals a bit of a surprise. Producers moved into Creswick at 6am yesterday and will stay for another nine days.Later this week, James Cromwell arrives in the township to shoot his scenes.

According to the paper, much of the town has been changed to fit the film.

"Locations supervisor Peter Kendall was in Creswick at the weekend with a small crew of workers, putting the final touches to the township. Mr Kendall has removed advertising and some signs from the township over the past three weeks.
He has also altered the look of the Post Office, created new fences, and converted the Old ANZ Bank to look like a real estate agent. The exterior of the Redheap Cafe has been painted yellow and renamed Norton’s Cafe.Windows of empty shops along the main street have been filled and the old fire station has been renamed Jerusalem’s Lot – the name of the township in the film before vampires take over."

"Mr Kendall said locals had been very welcoming since he began working on the transformation. He said he would be back after filming wraps up, on May 8."