Spider-Man, Can you handle the truth?


What the hell actually went on there a couple of weeks back with the whole "Spider-Man" thing? Tobey Maguire hurt his back and all of a sudden a replacement was being bought in? bollocks. There’s more to this story than the geniuses behind "Spider-Man 2" are letting on. You see Mr Maguire has been playing hardball a little. Ok, he did hurt his back, and ouch, that did hurt, but the real reason Maguire stepped off "Spider-Man 2" there for a couple of days has more to do with money.

"Jake Gyllenhaal’s recent brush with the Spiderman casting rumor was a demonstration of studio hardball at its best. Tobey Maguire’s attempts to ‘renegotiate’ his contract, conveniently at the same time when his back starting to hurt, fell on deaf ears", says one of our insiders. "The studio simply announced that they were considering Gyllenhaal to replace Maguire. Gyllenhaal, who is often said to physically resemble Maguire, was an easy choice for Sony to point to."
And so what happened? well naturally Tobey was made an even richer man. Hey, I’d be paying the guy too. I mean seriously, is Maguire that expendale? He originated the role last year. Audiences [not to mention kids] alike now see ‘Tobey M’ as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Sure, Jake Gyllenhaal might look like Tobey, but truth of the matter is, he’s not Tobey. Of course, Sony was going to cave in to Maguire’s demands. But at the same time, some high-flyer might have crunched Tobey and pulled a "Patriot Games" [Alec Baldwin wanted to do a play, so Harrison Ford came in to replace him as Jack Ryan] claiming the new film no more than a ‘remake’ or ‘story that’s set in the same world’, rather than sequel. In this instance though, it isn’t the case – so thanks to Sony for opening their wallets to the poor deprived young thing that is Tobey Maguire.