McG walks back into the Warner office…


Frankly I’m already over "Superman". Every day my in-box is filled with something about the movie – a new Superman potential, new Director, new Lois. And kids, these rumours might have been on the level, but they’re about as likely to happen as Tim Burton is to return to direct this baby.

When I originally talked to [Director] Brett Ratner about his plans for the film he was darn excited. He had ideas. He had many. This was going to be huge. He was obviously very passionate, very excited about getting it off the ground. Say what you will about Ratner, but one thing’s for sure he knew what he was doing with the casting. Back then, he told me he wanted an unknown to play the lead, someone unrecognizable, and said he might head to the theatre or somewhere to scout. Ultimately, it was that same decision to cast an ‘unknown’ that lead Ratner’s firing, oops, exit from the film. Now, according to a report on Aint it Cool, McG [who was offered the job originally, before Brett Ratner replaced him] is back in talks with Warner to helm the sucker. Now is it evident to anyone else that no one wants this job? And not only that no one seems to want the role of Superman either? Ok, so they might entice McG back to direct "Superman", but at the end of the day, are’nt prospective audiences going to wonder what’s so wrong with this film that no one wants to touch it. Hey?