Look its a falling star!


I thought David Hasselhoff was off the booze? If so, he’s definitely htting the magic mushies instead because he seems to think he’s going to be playing the lead in the "Knight Rider" movie. "I figure James Bond’s about my age, so I could still be Michael Knight", he told Sci Fi Wire. Sure Dave, and Paramount’s going to get Selleck back for the "Magnum" flick. Clearly, Hasselhoff’s a little mistaken. Sure, he may have input into the movie [and another incarnation of the TV series] they’re making, but I can tell you now, he’s name’s not going to be anywhere near the one-sheeter. "Right now it’s in this land of ‘Which way are we going with it?’" Hasselhoff said in an interview. "I think for the film, we’re going to go one way, and for the television series another way". I think the way "they’ll go with it" is to nab a Vin Diesel type give him the Mick Knight character, and have Dave cameo as a homeless man over the end credits. I could be wrong though – stranger things have happened.