Paul Walker turns to Piracy


Interviewing Paul Walker here in a couple of weeks for "2 Fast 2 Furious", should be interesting, if only to ask "How is it without Vin?". Just glanced at The Hollywood Reporter who has news on another flick Walker is now attached to. Seems he might be becoming quite the action star himself – Vin by his side or not. The trade says Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up an untitled thriller as a vehicle for Walker to star in and possibly produce. Brian Horiuchi will write the script to the project, which is set in the Philippines with drug runs and modern-day pirates. At the center is a courageous yet reckless leader (Walker) of a drug interdiction squad. Ok, so it sounds rather like the plot of "Fast and the Furious" but with eye-patch wearing villains, don’t it? Still – Walker’s proof you can be blonde, skinny…the ‘normal guy’ if you will, and be an action hero. But still, does anyone else miss the golden days of Arnie, Sly and Bruce?