More of Moore, less of Costner


Her new look is rather quite scary. Actually maybe scary isn’t as much the word as maybe "unappealing" is. Why oh why did talented young Mandy Moore have to chop off her beautiful blonde locks and replace her top with a scraggy brown "just got up" look? The answer might lie west of getting a handful of movie roles following her transformation from barbie Doll to intellect.

Whatever the case, Mandy Moore still seems to be a favourite with the Hollywood bigshots. She’s got quite a few movies in the works over the next couple of years – maybe that ‘new look’ is what’s working with her. I have heard her say she wants to be more than a pretty blonde little thing, and now, well, we’re about to find out whats beyond that. The Hollywood Reporter says Mandy [as well as Erika Christensen, Lauren Ambrose and Alicia Witt] is in talks to play one of Joan Allen’s four daughters in the film "The Upside of Anger". The trade describes the film as a "family drama about a mother (Allen) and her four strong-willed daughters (Christensen, Moore, Ambrose and Witt) who must suddenly deal with life without a husband and father. Kevin Costner plays a former baseball player who is a friend of the family." Did you catch that? Costner, Baseball? Oh yeah. Seems Kev’s found his noggin again. Could he really be seeking out good character parts again? This sounds like a very undemanding movie for Kev, here’s hoping he’s found his path again. Mandy, show him the way will you girl? Your career seems to be going better than Kev’s.