First look at Thomas Jane as The Punisher


Never read a "Punisher" comic book in my life. Actually I’m the last person to be talking about all these Comic to Film movies. While my little buddies were head first into the latest "Spider-Man" or in this case, "Punisher" issue, I was falling off a BMX somewhere or catching the latest Brat Pack effort at the pictures. But got to admit, like the rest of the world, I’ve been suckered in by the whole comic craze now that they’re becoming films.

Nope, still not reading any – but as they come out in their droves at the multiplex, I’m first in line at that inital media screening ready to see what the fuss is about. My first introduction to "The Punisher" was via that god-awlful early 90’s production starring Dolph Lundgren. Ok, so I hadn’t read the comics, had no idea what had been changed [apparently he had no Skull on his shirt in the movie, as he did in the comics], but I knew this was bad. Even worse, it was made here in Australia. How freakin’ embarrassing. Good to see it getting remade -without Lundgren, and with a Skull-adorned T Shirt. But Thomas Jane? Hmm, ok, much better actor than Lundgren [Ok, maybe the words "actor" and "Lundgren" don’t even fit] and did prove himself to be quite the action-hero in Renny Harlin’s "Deep Blue Sea" – but is he the dark, brooding Frank Castle of "The Punisher"? I wouldn’t think so. He’s a little too blonde and cutesy. But, Really too early to tell – maybe you comic fans can judge for yourself by checking out the first pic of Jane in the role. So is that the guy from your comics?