What's beneath his Planet of the Apes?


I know a lot of folks who think the sun shines out of Tim Burton’s pants pocket. I admit, sometime’s it does, but in recent seasons, the man’s let us down on more than one count. If only Warner would entice him back to the "Batman" franchise, everyone [his loyal devotees, Bat-fans and the studio] would be happy. I mean, admit it, he’s one of the only folks who could truly rescue the series at the moment.

"The Nightmare before Xmas", is a film those Burton-ites quite like too. Ok, so it was an animated flick – but boy, did it have an edge, and hell, it was as imaginative as hell. Nice to see then – as the Hollywood Reporter states – Burton doing another stop-motion animated effort. This one, called "The Corpse Bride", is based on a 19th century Eastern European folk tale and is described as an offbeat fable about a young man who inadvertently becomes betrothed to a corpse. What could be cooler than that? Ok, maybe Burton behind the camera, wish he isn’t, that duty belongs to newcomer Mike Johnson. Burton is merely producing. Still, I’m sure his input won’t be overlooked. Today, Vinton Studios came on board to fill the void of production company. Now Timbo, start sprinkling your fairy dust again.