"Troopers 2" teaser completed


Say what you will about all these direct-to-video sequels [you would’t believe the folks who’ve emailed me asking why I even bother mentioning direct to video stuff] that seem to be all the trend, but one thing’s for sure ‘they are’ going to make money. You can almost guarantee anything with a ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘Strikes Back’ and the like will be met with interest when they adorn the top of the video shelf – "Starship Troopers 2" being one of them. "Troopers 2" sounds like it "could be" the best direct to video sequel in quite some time.

Ok, so Verhoven isn’t involved, and neither is any of the original cast, but who ‘is’ involved are Tippett Studios. Phil and the gang there did the awesome effects and creatures for the first movie – and admit it, those elements were essentially what the film was all about. Phil Tippett, behind the camera, might actually work for the film.

I had a chat to Producer Jon Davison – who also worked on the first film – who assures me its all looking good. "[Starship Troopers 2] is two weeks out from the beginning of principal photography. It’s will be shot on the Sony HD 24-P camera, like the new Lucas trilogy. This will allow Phil Tippett to do more special effects and digital manipulation without the expense of scanning the film into the digital realm and recording it back out to film", he says.

And apparently a teaser trailer is just around the corner. "One of Phil’s animatics was so cool that Sony has decided to build a special teaser trailer around it". I believe Jon’s smack-bang in the middle of a ‘Zombie’ test today. Oh, some people do have the life. Oh, and why do I mention all this ‘direct to video stuff’? – because no one else really does