Freddy vs Jason vs My expectations


I’m excited about "Freddy vs Jason". Yeah, go figure – I raise a slight eyebrow to T3, barely give a hoot about Charlies Angels 2, and dismiss The Hulk for the over-CGI’ed blunder the trailer perceives it to be. Ok, so I’m more a "Freddy" fan than a "Jason" fan but out of most of the films coming out this year, this match-up is high on my ‘must see’ list. I’ve got all the flicks on vid – and boy, oh boy, if there’s any DVD set I’d like to have in my collection it’s the "Elm Street" series [New Line, are you listening?]. But "Freddy vs Jason", now that’s got me pumped. Even more so, now that those test screening reviews are [surprisingly] positive. And now something – thanks to Bloody Disgusting – to hold us over even more

"This comes directly from New Line’s ordering website: New Line Cinema will debut a teaser poster & trailer for Freddy Vs. Jason the week Matrix opens. The trailer running time is 1:08 and the poster is amazing. Please keep your eyes out for the materials so each can be up for the busy weekend! Banners will be printing for Fourth of July weekend". He continues, "That comes directly quoted from New Line’s material ordering site that is for theatre employees. I order for our theatre and just saw that today. It should be warned that not all theatres may put the trailer on the film though. Terminator 3 is supposed to be attached to the film; which means that individual theatres would have to add FvJ to their disgression."

‘Brad’ at the site has done some follow-ups on the matter, and it seems that the scooper is well and truly on the level.

Anyone want to float either to my inbox?