By George, Clooney's in "Spy Kids 3"


The "Spy Kids" movies rock. Ok tell that to my girlfriend and she’ll groan. Nah, she’s never truly sat down and watched them with me – but still, she finds it hard to believe I’d be swept up in these "kiddie" flicks. "Spy Kids 3 " Game Over" is sounding even cooler than the first two [going to be hard to top ‘the juggler’ of the second film though] – hey, it’s in 3D, Stallone’s in it, and it’s again got the cast-of-casts, could it get any more alluring? We’ll for my girlfriend, maybe, with news that George Clooney has signed to appear in the movie [albeit briefly] as boss Spy, Devlin, reprising his cameo from the first movie. Think that’ll entice her to the film? If only Robbie could get Vin Diesel or David Duchovny to cameo aswell, and it’d be a shoe-in. Thanks to Counting Down citing Entertainment Tonight.