Cousin Eddie’s Christmas Vacation Lost – nuf said


Director Richard Martini told me he’d hoped to get Randy Quaid to play the role of George in his Amelia Earhart bio-film "Amelia and George", but Quaid, apparently, was too busy. So what’s he so busy with? FilmJerk may have the answer. Apparently he’s signed to star in a "Vacation" spin-off [made for TV] reprising his role as Cousin Eddie. Oh well, then, I can totall….yeah, great move Quaid.

According to the site, "National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddie’s Christmas Vacation Lost concerns Cousin Eddie being fired from his job at Christmas time. Hoping to avoid a lawsuit because he’s bitten by a laboratory monkey, Eddie’s former employer sends him and his family on a vacation to the South Pacific. While there, the family and their pretty tour guide get stranded on a tropical island, where Eddie will finally get his chance to prove himself as a man and a good provider".

And typical of the "Vacation" movies – all of Eddie and Catherine’s previous kids (Vicki and Dale in the first, Rocky and Ruby Sue in the third) have been replaced. In "Christmas Lost," they have but one child now, "a twelve year old boy named Third, who is as intelligent as Eddie is a lunkhead. Replacing the daughter character will be Uncle Nick, a lecherous, unkempt gentleman who shows up on the family’s doorstep unexpectedly after his wife has left him."

Most interesting part of all this? Dana Barron, who played Audrey Griswold, in the first "Vacation" will be among the cast.

According to the site, Production starts in Los Angeles on May 30, under the direction of….hey, they haven’t found anyone willing to direct it yet? surely not.