Desperate times, call for Desperate…


As silly as it was, and as over-the-top as it were, "Independence Day" was the pinnacle of producer and screenwriter Dean Devlin and partner Director Roland Emmerich’s career. My god, did that movie make money. So much in fact, the aforementioned duo were the hottest thing out front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre for a while there. Unfortunately, their reign of fire ended with a little clunker called "Godzilla". So where does one turn to when the odds seem to be against you, and each consequential follow-up [to ID4] seems to be met with little more than a boo, hiss and an audience of 3? "Independence Day 2" of course.

Isn’t it only naturally the broze boys think they’ll regain their gold tarnish by doing a sequel to their only true blockbuster [ok, beside’s "Stargate", but even it didn’t make a lot of moulah initially]. "Roland and I are writing it, so hopefully it’ll come out good," Devlin tells SciFi Wire. "If not, we’ll bury it." Devlin was tighy-lipped about the plot, but told the site the quality of the screenplay will be a key factor in getting back the original cast, which included Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum. "I think if we had a good script, everyone would want to come back," he said. "If the script’s not good, then they’ll probably tell us to go our own way."

Anyone convinced yet?