"Grease 3", a big slip-up?


I was getting a little tired of reporting titbits about a possible "Grease 3" [apparently both Livvy and John are interested but it will all depend on a script], because there was nothing new to report. But I thought I’d bring it up again, now that it’s front-page news fodder of The Hollywood Reporter.

I’m with most of you out there, "Grease 3" is one sequel we don’t need. Yes ok, it would be nice to see Travolta and Newton-John back on screen together, and it would be interesting to see where Danny and Sandy are circa 2003, but does anyone else smell something funny? They’ve already tried a "Grease" sequel – why do another, unless it’s got a really, really, really good script, or the studio has simply ran out of ideas.

Basically, when news hits the trades, it no longer becomes rumour and takes some sort of form as fact – so whether we like it or not, there’s a good chance "Grease" will be the word again soon….or not so soon. So where are we at with the new "Grease"?, well according to the trade, Paramount Pictures is drawing up the plans for the film, to be produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach’s newly formed feature film division along with Laurence Mark Prods. "The plan is to set the latest version of the musical in the late-’70s, feature plenty of disco music and have the story revolve around the children of the original characters. The producers are hopeful that the "parents" also will play significant roles in the film, and such original stars as John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have already been given a heads-up that their services will be sought once a script is completed. The producers are zeroing in on writers to script the new version", says the report.

Ok, so we’re basically no further along than we were six months ago when the rumours first surfaced, but I think the trade mention cements the film as a definite possibility now.