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Did somebody say Weener?

I was just talking to someone about all these nobodies who get famous from Reality TV shows. One minute, they’re as unrecognizable as seaweed among the rocks, and the next thing they know they’re hosting their own TV show or doing feature films. Johnny Knoxville is a bit of an exception. His show smells a little like a "reality" show, but "Jackass" is as scripted [and arguably as funny as] the finest of sitcoms.

His show was a hit, and his consequential "Jackass" movie was a hit. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Knoxville’s struck a deal with "Jackass" helmers MTV and Paramount Pictures to headline a follow-up. The actor will star in and produce an untitled comedy, based on his idea, about a war that develops between two hot dog vendors in downtown Los Angeles. "Permanent Midnight" author-screenwriter Jerry Stahl is in negotiations to write the screenplay. I’m not a "Jackass" fan. Nothing against it, or its star, just haven’t got the time to sit down and watch every show that pops up on the box. But I will say, Knoxville has something. Be it personality, be it charisma, be it he’s just such a goof he’s made for the movies. And obviously the studio-heads have a bit of faith in him, because it sounds like they’re giving him a bit of free reign. And why shouldn’t he have it, "Jackass : The Movie" probably paid for 3 weeks wages at both companies.

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