"Fantastic Four" reaches its "Peaks"


Anyone that knows me, knows I love "Twin Peaks". I like Lynch, sure, most of his movies rock, but "Peaks" now that’s the booty. Freaky, Thematic, Dramatic, Funny – damn different, and that’s what it usually takes to spark my interest.

When everyone thinks "Peaks" they think Lynch – but what about Mark Frost, if anything this was the guy who really made the show click. Lynch bought the freak factor, Frost bought the human factor [which was so evidently missing from "Twin Peaks : Fire Walk with Me"] and together, it was a trippy combination. So where’s Frost been? well according to a report on JoBlo he’s going to be penning the new "Fantastic Four" movie. Frost is simply brushing up a previously scribbled script, trying to get it into good order. If Frostie’s behind it – I’m there folks. I’m there.