Englund kills off Freddy?


Hey, wasn’t "Freddy vs Jason" going to be the start of a new franchise Ronny? [Director, Ronny Yu, I’m referring to here]. I’m positive he said it was the start of an all-new series.

Ok, so I can’t see how they’d be able to do five or six "Freddy Vs Jason" movies myself – the idea is merely meant for a once-off feature, yes? – and today Robert Englund seconds that motion. "Englund exclusively dispelled the rumour of a Freddy Vs Jason 2 and also revealed that there has been no talk of a prequel other than the reports from a year or so, when Wes Craven was toying with the idea", says the Celluloid Shockers website. Hmm, so was it Ronny Yu saying there would be a string of "Freddy vs Jason" movies or maybe New Line?