Join Arnie for the "Terminator 3" Premiere


There’s only one way to see "Terminator 3" this year folks, with Arnie Schwarzenegger himself sitting in the same auditorium. Sure, this has it repercussions – if you boo or hiss at the screen Mr Muscles is only a hop and a skip away from your seat so he can kindly throw you off the balcony, and should you be so caught up in the movie so much that any glimpse of the man makes your wet your Y-fronts – but all in all I can’t think of a better way to experience one of this year’s most anticipated movies than to have "The Terminator" himself sitting only aisles from you

And guess what? it’s all possible. If you head on over to the Columbia Tri-Star Australia Terminator 3 site, answer a couple of questions, log in your name, address and phone number – it could be your partying with the big man at the Sydney Premiere in July. This competition is open to all residents of Australia, sans South Australia.

Thanks to ‘Loretta’