David on "Wicked", others on "Angel"


If you’re an "Angel" fan you’ll be glad to know several sources have claimed it’ll definitely be back for a new season. This is either good news or bad news for star, David Boreanaz though, who has a limited amount of time to complete "The Crow : Wicked Prayer", which he’s just signed on to play the bad guy in.

There’s no way Boreanaz was hoping he’d be free of the series though, heck, he is "Angel". When he leaves "Angel" – despite how many characters he plays on film – he will still be "Angel". Same for Sarah Michelle Gellar on sister series, "Buffy". You think anyone’s ever going to see anything other than "Buffy" when they set their peepers on a SMG headlined flick?

He talked to Sci Fi Wire today about his character in "The Crow : Wicked Prayer".

"They’re two buddies that grew up together, but fell apart somewhere, because of a love triangle around this girl, Lily [Emmanuelle Chriqui], who was an Indian," Boreanaz said. "So there are a lot of racial elements to it. There’s a lot of angst between miners and Indians and casinos. It brings together so much vulnerability and conflict."

Crash is "a Bible-Belt kind of victim in prison," Boreanaz said. "He has this gang of four—the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. … Tara Reid plays my love interest as far as my relationship is concerned with the gang members." Dennis Hopper plays El Nino, "the guy who pretty much turned me into Satan," Boreanaz added.

Boreanaz said that he’s "really looking forward" to working with Hopper and Mungia (Six-String Samurai). Now that Angel is wrapping up its fourth season, Boreanaz won’t have much down time before starting Wicked Prayer. "We start shooting in June," he said. "We’re shooting in Utah."

Meanwhile, nothing like a good spoiler, and Kristin over at E Online has the lowdown on the season finale of "Angel".

"Just saw the Angel finale: Whoa, madre, it’s good–über-good. It sets up an entirely different premise for next season, especially for one of the main characters, who might not be a part of the Angel clan anymore. Big changes in store for Connor. He goes nuts, certifiably so. And Angel will make a big sacrifice to save him. Also, Lilah is back–really back. Slit throat and all. She has been sent from hell to make them the "offer of a lifetime." She offers them Wolfram and Hart. Building, office, letterhead, everything. Turns out it’s a thanks for getting rid of Jasmine–as Lilah says it, they ended World Peace. And when they get there, they each get partnered up with a "guide." New characters that are dripping with love-interest sauce: Fred is a very cute D&D fan who’s the manager of the science department. So, please, watch the Angel finale! I promise it is worth your time. And I’m not counting any Froggie blessings till they’re official. Nah mean?"