We see Zip, he sees All


Ah, the joys of film conventions. The likes of which I will never see, unless those greenbacks start to pour in. One such film paradise is "Show-Canada", and the word is they’ve been showing "The Hulk", "The Matrix Reloaded" and "American Wedding" to the guests in attendance. Hang on, let me rephrase that "God ass spoilt-as heck guests in attendance".

But some will be glad to know that not even a golden ticket to such an event gets you the whole shabang – the folks only got to see 30-50 minutes of the aforesaid movies.

According to the following scooper, "The Hulk" was good. Now that’s a shocker. I for one, are’nt hanging for the film at all. Maybe it’s because I know Eric [Bana], and feel I’ll be sitting in the screening watching a local lad immersed in a ton of effects that originate out of an i-Mac, or maybe it’s because the trailers didn’t grab me. Here’s hoping they’re leaving those best parts till last hey – and surprising unsuckered members of the critic world like myself.

‘Bongo’ emailed Aint it Cool with his rather brief takes on some of the films he was able to see, starting with The Green Machine.

"I’m a film nerd myself and I have had the luck of working at showcanada this past week and the stuff I’ve seen is mind boggling. On wed, in a confrence to all the important people Universal showed about 50 mins of the Hulk. I have to say for the parts I was able to sneak in and see, I was really left in awe. I never dreamed I would have a chance to see this. "

I believe we’re checking out "The Matrix Reloaded" on Tuesday. Excited? We’ll yeah – I am about this one. That many people tell me this movie is going to kick-ass [Lachy Hulme says it’s "The Godfather II" of the series], so they’ve swayed me to think its going to be filmboy heaven. Bongo caught this next…some of…

Then I was approached by my boss and he told me "think think this is great? Rumor is that they are screening the matrix tomorrow", it just arrived and was transported to the hotels volt with an anturage of security. Well the following morning came and sadly it wasn’t the whole movie but it was enough for me. Waner Bro. showed about 30 mins of the film. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but the special effects that I saw left my jaw on the floor. Warner brothers won’t have to advertise the third film at all. I promise all of you if you go and spend whatever it costs to see this film you won’t be disapointed. If the story doesn’t do it for you, the specticals on the screen sure will.

And "American Wedding", well first of all, they sure as hell better change that title to "American Pie 3", because no one is going to know what this thing is. I mention it to people occasionally, and they’ve no idea what the hell I’m talking about. Regardless, the word is good…might this be a defining finish for the series?

Also on monday they screened the film American Wedding, and although it was behind closed doors, I was able to sneek in once again. I watched about half the film and had alot of laughs. the film wasn’t completed, so some parts was in really rough shape like the sound was really bad and their was no music for alot of the movie. Even some scenes where computer effects are suppose to be they had drawings on the scene. I’m looking forward to seeing the full film.

Ok time I got to one of these things, anyone want to shout me tickets?