Hoffman to "Wag the Dog" again?


I liked "Wag the Dog". I didn’t love it, but I liked it. It had some good touches. But possibly the film’s subject – the staging of a fake-war – is much more topical now than it was a few years back when the film was initially released. But regardless of what I or anyone else thought of the film, you can’t deny Dustin Hoffman was flipping great in it. I mean, how spot on was his Robert Evans [famous Hollywood Producer] impersonation. Well obviously Dusty himself knows it’s one of his most commended performances in recent years because he’s apparently planning a sequel.

A scooper for Cinema Confidential told the site that in the latest issue of Box Office Magazine Hoffman stated, "I’m actually talking with Barry [Levinson] and Ron Bass about the potential of a Wag the Dog sequel. The premise behind it is that my character [producer Stanley Motss] wasn’t actually killed at the end of the first movie, like we led you to believe. So what happened to him? What did the government do with him? Well, I can’t reveal such details yet, but it has the promise of being really sharp and funny, and building on the satirical situations begun in the first film. If we can get the story just right we’ll probably move forward with it sometime next year. William H. Macy will have a bigger role, and Kirsten Dunst already promised me she would do a cameo if we make it."

Now that could make for an interesting sequel – should it get off the ground.

Meanwhile, Hoffman’s name is being branded about as a possible star to head the cast of new all-star epic 1906, about the biggest earthquake ever to hit San Francisco. Warner Bros is making the movie with Barry Levinson set to direct the recreation of the tragedy that killed 3,000 people