"RPM" sees Cage West-Bound


Doesn’t Nicolas Cage now that whenever he mixes it up with wheels it just don’t work out? I mean "Gone in 60 seconds ring a bell"?

Well regardless, Nicky’s ready for an oil and grease again, because he’s committed himself to starring in another automobile-heavy feature called "RPM" [funnily enough, also the name of a direct-to-video feature a couple of years back starring David Arquette and Famke Janssen], to be directed by Simon West.

Now Ok, we can see why he decided to do this thing – Simon West. He’s the guy that made "Con Air", one of Cage’s most profitable films in the last few years. But after "Tomb Raider", even West’s got some redeeming to do. He knows his action, but plot, well, that he’s not so sure about. But if he can keep events in RPM as lively as they were in "Con Air", maybe we’ll have a good ol’ time.

According to Production Weekly, RPM is the pre-eminent car movie" about "a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-like pair of outlaws" in an underground rally that takes place in several Euro cities like Monaco and Germany.

Now this could either go in the direction of "Days of Thunder meets Butch Cassidy", or, worst case scenario, "Driven beets 3000 Miles to Graceland".

Pray for the former.