Cover that with a "Mask"!


Alan Cumming is great – as Nightcrawler – in "X Men 2", isn’t he? But boy, is he a wacky character. You see that kilt he wore to the Premiere? Youch. But in tune with his off-screen persona, Cumming is in talks to play a lead role in the upcoming "Son of the Mask" – sequel to the Jim Carrey smash – opposite Jamie Kennedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Son of the Mask" carries on with the premise of a character-altering mask that was established in the 1994 blockbuster feature starring Jim Carrey. This time around, it follows an aspiring cartoonist (Kennedy) who is not ready for fatherhood but finds himself raising a baby endowed with the powers of the mask of Loki (Cumming). What, he’s playing a Mask? Yeah – ok. Oh well, got to be a more enticing offer than the first time his agent recommend the role of ‘The Great Gazoo’ in "The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas" to him.