Craven orders entree and main


Dimension Films have some great genre stuff out this year – notably some of the direct to video offerings. I’m hearing good buzz about the forthcoming "Dracula 2000" sequels, and believe things are looking good too for the sequels to "The Prophecy", "Hellraiser" and "The Crow" that they’ve got due for release within the next twelve months. Wes Craven has had a pretty good relationship with the studio, especially since "Scream" and its sequels paid the Dimension cafeteria bill for the next twelve years. In some ways, he made Dimension, the genre-attracting base it is today

But the thing about Craven is he is always ‘lending’ his name to some pretty awful stuff too ["They" anyone?] and in turn, tarnishing some of the product and his own rep. But maybe that’s about to change, especially considering his next film as Director, "Cursed" [being written by Kevin Williamson] sounds like a true return to form. But there’s more..

According to Coming Soon, Dimension Films has lined up two projects to be produced by director Craven and producer Marianne Maddalena.

First up is The Waiting, a psychological thriller about a mother haunted by her dead child, written by Juliet Snowden and Stiles Eliot White. Second is The Untitled Cop/Exorcist Project, based on a real-life NYPD officer who investigates paranormal cases."

"Dimension Films’ history with the duo’s production company began in 1996, when Craven carved out a new audience for horror movies with Scream written by Kevin Williamson. The film’s success spawned the highest-grossing horror trilogy on record."

"Craven is in production for Dimension on Cursed, starring Christina Ricci, Skeet Ulrich, Scott Foley, Shannon Elizabeth and Scott Baio, to be released in 2004."

Both those producing offers sound good. Let’s hope this means a return to the Wes of yesteryear. Long before "The People Under the Stairs" and "They" ever took form. Now if only he realized what a great idea that prequel to "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is…