Frakes goes Up, Ratner goes Away!


Poor Brett Ratner he just can’t seem to get a film off the ground can he? First he fails to get “Superman” off the ground – and now he’s having trouble getting Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to do “Rush Hour 3”. When you’re having trouble getting a Chris Tucker movie going – there’s definitely something wrong!

One guy whose directing career seems to be going well is Jonathan Frakes. Yep, he of “Star Trek” and ahem, “Clockstoppers”, fame.

According to a report on Superhero Hype, Frakes, currently directing the “Thunderbirds” movie, is in line to take on directing duties for “Superman”. One wonders how he’s going to have enough time to do finish the film he’s working on, if he’s supposed to start working on the latter pretty much now.

And what about Brett Ratner? Well according to the rumour mill, he’s now thinking about doing the long-awaited “Get Shorty” sequel, “Be Cool”.