Knightley to sit at the Round Table


Since her turn in surprise hit “Bend it like Beckham”, Keira Knightley’s become one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood, nabbing roles in such films as “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, which is set to be one of the U.S Summer’s major releases. And last week, she was rumored to be in talks with Steven Spielberg for “Jurassic Park 4”. That one’s still yet to be confirmed – but it’s more than likely – but we do have news on another part that she’s won.

According to FilmForce, she’s been cast as Guinevere in producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s actioner “King Arthur”. The actress tells the site physical training for the role begins in two weeks as her character will participate in more than a few swordfights. Knightley says the news was "most exciting" and she can’t wait to start. She says, "The good news is there will be no singing."

I suppose we should mention that Knightley’s not getting ‘every’ role she tries for – she was rejected for “The Phantom of the Opera”. But then again, who hasn’t been?