Carrey can get quite testing


Jim Carrey’s the kind of guy who is so much more proficient than the hogwash Hollywood serves him. We saw that in “The Majestic” – but unfortunately it didn’t register with cash-registers or the oodles of Carrey-fans that simply want to see him be “silly”. He’s silly again in the upcoming “Bruce Almighty”, which should please fans, but he’s also about to get a chance to ‘act’ again soon too, as the star of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

‘Vincent Hanna’ told Dark Horizons he was a guest at a recent screening for the trailer – and had this to say :

"Last night I saw ‘The Shape of Things’ at Landmark’s Century Centre in Chicago. Afterwards, some guy asked me if I wanted to watch and rate a trailer for an upcoming movie. Lucky me, cause it turned out to be the trailer for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and it looks f**king fantastic.

It starts with them meeting on a train. She introduces herself as Clementine and asks him not to make any jokes about her name. He’s Joel. Some scenes show them falling in love, including Clementine sitting on the statue of an elephant. But it quickly goes bad. They get into a huge fight. Something about her fucking someone else or thinking about fucking someone else. They break up.

He meets with Tom Wilkinson at his office. I can’t remember the name of the company. The doctor tells him they can erase all of Joel’s memories of Clementine, starting with the most recent. Joel thinks it’s a hoax but is soon going through with it. More scenes of Joel and Clementine in the past. A gorgeous shot of them laying in a bed that’s on the beach. A scene of them arguing after Joel tells her what he’s doing. Then he changes his mind.

Also, a scene of Kristen Dunst jumping on a bed in her underwear. Couldn’t forget to mention that. Carrey looks extremely similar to Six Feet Under’s Peter Krause. Sort of shaggy hair and three-day stubble. This truly looks like something spectacular"

Perhaps a better word for spectacular….Smmmmmoking?